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No project is too small for Tidewater Engineering & Surveying.  We pride ourselves on helping homeowners and contractors achieve their goals, whether that be determining their property boundaries or designing a new home or 

building addition to meet the Town's Zoning Ordinance.  


Residential Services Include...


  • Boundary Surveys

  • New Construction/addition Zoning Compliance

  • Site Grading Design

  • Stormwater & Drainage Improvements

  • Culvert Sizing

  • Permitting

  • Shoreland Development Plans

  • Wetland Impact Plans



Tidewater Engineering & Surveying provides professional services for commercial projects in both Maine and New Hampshire.  We understand that open communication and collaboration between all project team members is vital to the success of any project.  Tidewater approaches all projects with an innovative and enthusiastic mindset, to consistently provide our clients with the service and expertise they expect and deserve.  


Tidewater works closely and effectively with contractors, developers, architects, landscape architects, soil scientists and other specialty engineers, as a team leader and (or) a team member.            



Tidewater Engineering & Surveying offers professional services to municipal and quasi-municipal organizations in both Maine and New Hampshire.  We work closely with Town staff and utility districts to provide third party technical reviews, engineering design and construction adminstration/inspection services.  Our close attention to detail and broad range of experience enable our clients to trust that we provide a quality and competitive product every time.


  • Third Party Technical Reviews

  • Road/Streetscape Improvement Projects

  • Sidewalk Design

  • Underground Stormwater/Drainage Design

  • Water/Sewer Replacement and Extension Plans

  • Culvert/Stream Crossing Design

  • Public Works Permitting Assistance.

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